Why a sales CRM is incomplete without a built-in dialer

Jan 08, 2018

CRM Dialer Sales

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Lots of companies, however,are still using spreadsheets to organize all data and manual dialing to call each client. As a result, they ends up decreasing the efficiency of their sales process or even losing the whole client base mainly due to sales rep's retirement or sudden computer failure. To avoid this, it is recommended to implement CRM together with built-in dialer.

Why is CRM so important?

An effective CRM (customer relationship management) is a tool for managing each and every interaction with leads and providing sales reps with all necessary customer information. CRM can give a clear overview of a client: history of calls and interaction, what issues they are facing, statuses of their orders, etc. In addition, it simplifies sales management process as managers have the possibility to know who is working on each lead, how long each client has been in the pipeline and at which stage each lead is at certain of time. Simultaneously, with easy access data, it is simpler for every member of a sale team to quickly share information and provide updates. This greatly facilitates cooperation between sales reps securing more deals closed. It not only helps to generate a flood of data, but also to efficiently organize the workflow.

Why do you need to deploy dialer software?

While an effective CRM is an invaluable tool for any sales company, it is incomplete without integrated dialer software. If you want to call to a large number of clients in a limited period of time and forget about manual dialing, then sales reps will definitely need to use a dialer.  This software will automate dialing and enable sales reps to significantly increase their live connections. The main benefits that make it an indispensable tool for your business are ease-of-use, customization to your needs, call monitoring and safety.

Three main types of automated dialing systems can be distinguished here. Predictive dialer is able to dial automatically certain numbers at once before an agent is available and predict the needed dialing rate. In addition, all unanswered calls are automatically called again later so that no lead can be lost. Power dialer makes a call to several numbers and as soon as one of them is answered, it is directly transferred to the salesperson. In case it reaches the voicemail, busy or invalid number, it directly dials the next number so the progress goes on. Progressive dialer makes one-by-one calls but only when there is an available agent. It doesn’t make as many calls as the predictive one but it ensures that customers don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick them up.

By taking into consideration what client’s database you have (for example, for cold database, it is better to use Predictive dialer, whereas for warm database – Power dialer), the size of the team or what agent workflow you want to reach, you can choose the dialer which works the best for your business.

Present-day CRM with built-in dialer helps sales reps to quickly access the customer’s information, increase contact rate and optimize sales process more efficiently. So, if you are looking for the ways to boost sales, then this combination is just a perfect solution for you.

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