3 reasons to deploy dialer software for Inside sales

Nov 27, 2017

Dialer Software Inside Sales

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The sales process has been undergoing significant changes in the past few years. To engage prospective clients and streamline follow-up, inside sales makes use of a substantial number of cold calling. As this process proves to be highly time-consuming, implementing requisite technology is crucially important for improving the effectiveness of sales representatives. Many companies are still using manual dialing wasting their time on dialing every number and listening to an answering machine. Therefore, to eliminate the drawbacks of such sequence of actions, a dialer software should be set up. It is an application used to automate dialing and enable sales reps to significantly increase their live connection. The main benefits that make it an indispensable tool for your business are ease-of-use, customization to your needs and call monitoring.

So, here are 3 main reasons to invest in dialer software:

  • Optimize sales process. For reaching desirable results, it is essential to understand, effectively monitor and manage the sales funnel. A dialer software allows sales representatives to view the sales vs the total sales ratio and, thus, to strategize sales approaches. Moreover, it increases the efficiency of sales reps by assigning calls to the agents available in order to distribute the workload more evenly in the team.
  • Increase connect rate. A high rate of success in sales depends on high connecting rate (total number of connected calls divided by the number of delivered ones). Therefore, as dialer software detects agent’s availability, eliminates busy signals and automated answer machines on the client's side, as well as automatically redials unsuccessful call attempts, it effectively improves connect rate.
  • Measure performance indicators. For the efficiency of the whole sales process, both quantity of calls and their quality should be taken into consideration. Thus, managers have to ensure that the sales reps make productive calls that lead to conversions. In view of this, dialer software saves all call records allowing them to analyze sales reps’ mistakes and suggest ways to improve sales process. In addition, this software shows a detailed report so that a head of sales can check the performance of each sales rep and monitor everything from the response time to the conversation quality.

To sum up, if you are looking for the ways to boost sales, sales dialer is just a perfect solution for you. As it optimizes the sales process and conversion, you will be able to develop your future strategies and increase your revenue.

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