Phone hacks to boost your inside sales productivity

Nov 30, 2017

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As time is money, staying productive is a key point for any sales. The more quality work you do in a short amount of time, the better results you receive. Therefore, it is vitally important for any sales reps to know how to boost their productivity and, thus, increase revenue.

Here are 3 main productivity hacks that will help you to close more deals.

  • Obtain efficient software. If you face difficulty in managing all your incoming leads and want this process to become fast, effortless and fully-automated, lead management system is the best solution. LMS helps sales agents to keep track of vital information about each and every interaction with leads sand, as a result, increases their efficiency. In addition, managers have the possibility to know who is working on each lead, at which stage each lead is at any point of time, and how long each individual has been in the pipeline. Simultaneously, every member of a sale team can quickly share information and provide updates. Thus, LMS not only simplifies collaboration securing more deals closed, but also allows sales reps to focus on bigger sales goals rather than on routine tasks.
  • Use automated dialers. For reaching more prospects and avoiding slow manual dialing, automated lead dialer will be of great help. There are three main types of dialer. Power dialer makes a call to several numbers and as soon as this call is answered, it is directly transferred to the salesperson. Predictive dialer is able to dial automatically a group of numbers at once before an agent is available and predict the needed dialing rate. Progressive dialer makes one-by-one calls but only when there is an available agent to answer the customer. It doesn’t make as many calls as the predictive one but it ensures that customers don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick up. Therefore, according to the amount of calls, you can choose such automated dialer which will be suitable for the type of contacts you have (warm or cold).
  • Prepare phone script. A well-written script helps not only handle various calls interactions efficiently but also increases the possibility of sales and converts an average sales agent into a professional. As you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, it is very important to be prepared beforehand to structure and clarify your message, qualify the leads, overcome objections and close the deal instead of stuttering over the right words.

Thus, without doubt, the more sales representative can automate tasks, the more time they will be able to spend selling. Therefore, investing in the right technology, will minimize manual work, increase productivity and boost revenue.

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