Essential keys to a good Sales Cadence

Dec 22, 2017

Sales Cadence Model Prospecting

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What is sales cadence and why is it so powerful?

Sales cadence is a scheduled sequence of activities aimed to improve contact and qualification rate. It helps automate sales workflow, increase productivity of sales reps and help generate more leads.

How does it work?

With an established sales cadence, sales reps will have a certain model of when and who to call, when to send an email or when to move to the next lead. Ideally, sales cadence should be adjusted to a company, its target audience, industry etc. For example, companies that have higher-value deals or longer sales cycle will need longer cadence with more touch points. Taking into account all these factors, establishing a sales sequence is a complex process that requires time for creating optimal strategy. However, by having  sales cadence tailored to your business, you will, undoubtedly, ensure that your sales representatives take the needed steps to efficiently move leads through the buying process.

What is a perfect sales cadence model?

There are different approaches to how exactly structure an efficient sales cadences. Therefore, you should try and test different ones to see which works best for your business. However, one of the main and widely spread models for sales cadence is 8-touch model. According to this model, sales reps reach out clients twice a day, every other day during two full businessweeks.

  • Day 1: Email or InMail
  • Day 3: Email then call
  • Day 5: Call followed by a voicemail
  • Day 7: Email followed by call with a voicemail
  • Day 10: Email and then a call

This model is very basic, but it gives the guidance to sales reps on how to consistently follow-up leads. Certainly, after 10 days, you should continue sales cadence but with reduced frequency.   

How to track cadence data?

The best way to track cadence data is using effective CRM. With the help of it, you will be able to track leads’ email opening rate, number of leads converted to contacts, number of arranged meetings and created opportunities. Moreover, by tracking sales cadence, you will have the possibility to adjust and constantly optimize sales approaches and, thus, improve results and revenue.

Therefore, for finding more and better leads and boosting revenue results, each company should implement sales cadence and, what is essential, customize it for their businesses and sales team. Thanks to it you will never lose track of your prospects, or forget to send email or make a call. A good sales cadence will automate and structure the whole sales process as well as make it efficient and highly productive.

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