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Mar 14, 2018

Phone Sales Dialer Software

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In nowadays fast-growing technological world, the whole sales industry has undergone significant changes becoming almost unrecognizable from what it was almost few years ago. The concept of outside sales was gradually superseded by sales professionals who perform entire sales process with the help of innovative technologies without leaving the office. That’s why technology is now considered to be the biggest driver in sales as it increases the amount of call, revenue rate, and automates day-to-day performance of sales reps as well.

One of the most well-known kinds of sales acceleration technologies is auto-dialer. Let’s take a closer look at auto dialer system, the problems it solves and main features it has. Auto-dialer is defined as a tool that can automate and expedite the dialing of phone numbers. All a sales rep has to do is to find a database, prepare a call script (if needed) and set up a call campaign. Then, a dialer automatically calls the customers based on the dial ratio and routes only live calls to sales reps. Thus, automated dialing system not only boosts the level of efficiency of sales reps and minimizes their idle time but also helps to easily access and manage customer data.

What problems does auto dialer solve?

The answer proves simple – it helps sales reps to make more calls resulting in more sales. Our previous article addressed 3 main reasons to invest in dialer software, i.e. it optimizes sales process, increases connect rate and helps to measure performance indicators. Other great features include:

  • Idle time. The efficient time of sales reps who dial manually is very low as some calls are not picked, busy, etc. As a result, sales reps spend more time on dialing than on talking. Dialer easily solves this issue, as it automatically dials the number and connects to the sales rep only when the phone is answered.
  • Compliance insurance. Thanks to auto dialer’s call recording feature, sales calls can be monitored to ensure compliance with various industry regulations as well as national and international laws.
  • Customer experience. Auto dialer with built-in CRM shows real-time customer data that helps sales reps to recognize all possible doubts/issues their customers/prospects have. Thanks to this, effective communication is established and the trust to the product/service is built.

Current marketplace proposes thousands of available auto dialer software. So, it can be a great challenge to select the best one, properly implement it and then optimize day-to-day performance. Therefore, we would like you to have a closer look at one of the best solutions on the territory of the USA - Power Dialer from Voiptime Cloud.

The main features of Power Dialer from Voiptime Cloud are:

  • Outbound call campaigns (Power dialer) for multiple users. You can easily create outbound campaign to automatize dialing to a big amount of leads. Choose required leads by a set of filtration criteria and check minimal settings of call campaign. You can assign multiple users to campaigns, so that calls will be distributed among them.
  • Ability to add leads into active campaign. You can add leads manually or by API into active campaign and then they will be dialed in FIFO logic.
  • Campaign management. You can view the status of each call attempt and restart campaign if redial of the client base is required.
  • Call recording. All call records are automatically recorded and attached to the client’s card, so that they can be played and reviewed later. It is not only helpful for sales reps to refer to previous calls before calling to the client but also for managers to check and monitor their performance.
  • Real-time reporting. Every sales rep can see the number of new leads and tasks planned for a day. It also shows the movement of the contacts through the pipeline.
  • Detailed call reporting. Each call is shown in a detailed call report (CDR report), which help you to understand the reason of failed call attempts.

All around, if you are looking for cost-efficient and effective auto dialer, Voiptime Cloud is a perfect match for you. Power Dialer from Voiptime Cloud empowers you to effectively make calls and, thanks to integrated and powerful tools, helps to run your company as smoothly as possible, boost your revenue and set your business up for a long-term success.

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